Bridle chains

Bridle chains

We are leaders in the production of bridle chains for the most important manufacturers of agricultural tractors (Fiat, Landini, Same, Goldoni, Valpadana) throughout the entire manufacturing process, beginning with the selection of the best providers of raw materials and hot stamped parts through the testing of each individual chain. Our chains are produced in rigorous compliance with technical specifications requested by the customer, and are provided complete with all components and an electrolytic galvanized finish.

Below are some of our products: 

  • Fiat 2+2 links
  • Fiat 3+3 links
  • Fiat 4+3 links 18 mm diameter
  • Landini 1+1 14 mm diameter
  • Landini 1+1 18 mm diameter
  • Landini 2+1 18 mm diameter
  • Landini 2+2 12 mm diameter
  • Goldoni 2+1 12.5 mm diameter

Main brands handled: 

  • Fiat
  • Landini
  • Goldoni
  • SAME
  • Valpadana

Areas of use: 

  • Tractors
  • Agricultural machines

Available finishes and treatments: 

  • raw
  • electrolytic galvanizing