For over 50 years, Catenificio Moro srl has produced link chains for different uses and is highly specialized in the industrial, nautical and agricultural sectors.


Industrial use

Lashing chains, lashing components, security chains, AISI chains, belt and chains bucket elevators, hardened chains, rubble discharger chain systems, chains on request, chains compositions


Nautical/Marine use

Nautical chains, floating docks chains, calibrated chains, calibrated AISI chain, hot galvanised chains, raw chains, AISI chains, shackles, swivel , accessories.


Stabilizer chains for tractors and component/three point linkage

Proof Three point linkage chains, tie rods eye, tie rods eyelet, eyelets, shackles, pipe, cast iron, chains based on drawing, Chains compositions.


Agricoltural use

Chains for mulchers, security chains agricultural machinery, chains to measure, cut chains, chains based on drawing, chains compositions, electro galvanised chains.


Livestock and Poultry use

Chains for livestock facilities, zootechny chains, zootechny plates, zootechny link-chain, chains based on drawing, hardened chains, transmission chain from feeding and food industry.


Hardware and anti-theft chains

Genovese chains on reels, genovese chains in box, electro galvanised chains, round link anti-theft chains, square link anti-theft chains, hot galvanised chains.


Urban set-up

Hot galvanised swing chains, AISI 316 swings chains, chains for bollards, chains based on drawing, chains compositions, components for urban setups.


On custom design

Production of link chain from mm.5 to mm.22 diameter based on drawings, chains compositions, raw chains, polished chains, electro galvanised chains , hot galvanised chains.


gallery5 moro nautica catene-attacco allestimenti-urbanistici antifurto-ferramenta-850 Pontile

Catenificio Moro srl produces a wide range of link chains ranging from .5 mm. to 50 mm., including:

  • Stabilizer chains for tractors
  • Genovese chains
  • Calibrated chains (diameters from 6 mm to 20/22mm)
  • Nautical use chains
  • Case hardened chains
  • Anti-theft chains
  • Stainless steel chains
  • Chains for agricultural use (shredder chains, etc.)
  • Galvanized chains (electrolytic and hot-dip galvanized)
  • Calibrated and case hardened livestock chains (chains for stalls, etc.)
  • Chains for poultry use (calibrated and case hardened)
  • Chains for slaughtering facilities and bread baking facilities
  • Chains for rubble unloading

High quality materials and production combined with competitive prices are the principal characteristics of Catenificio Moro.

To view all the link chains and to consult the technical charts of products, visit the “Chains” section.

Catenificio Moro produces link chains since more than three generations.

Research and constant quality control monitoring make our product standards extremely high.

Research and constant quality control monitoring make our product standards extremely high.